Ortho-K. Orthokeratology Demystified, By Paul Moldovanos Optometrists


Orthokeratology or Ortho-K has been around for over 20 years, yet many people are still unsure what it is exactly.

WHAT it does: A specially designed rigid contact lens gently reshapes the front part of the eye (the cornea), while you sleep.  When you wake up you will see clearly for the whole day, without your glasses.

WHY we do it: Ortho-K has many purposes. Some people don’t like wearing specs, yet contact lenses aren’t suitable either, because of their occupation (e.g. ideal for professional divers & where smoke can be a problem with fire-fighters wearing contact lenses), or a dry eye prevents all day comfort with their lenses. People who swim prefer Ortho-K over contact lenses.  Cosmetic factors are also a good reason to consider Ortho-K.  Ortho-K is also indicated in MYOPIA CONTROL, where young people’s myopia (short-sightedness) is changing rapidly.  Ortho-K slows down the change in myopia better than any other method.  In this way when they have stopped growing, their spectacle Rx will not be high at all.

HOW is it done: Modern methods don’t even require an initial fitting.  Data from a corneal topography reading is imported into an Ortho-K design software program. The lenses are designed & ordered, and you should have all day clear vision from 5 days after receiving the lenses.  The process is simple, relatively quick and totally painless.  My youngest Ortho-K patient was 9 yrs old when he got his 1st pair of Ortho-K lenses.

SUITBALITY: Although we can fit more eyes than in the past (we can even do a bifocal Ortho-K), not everyone is suitable for this procedure, so it’s best to first get a topography done to assess the suitability.

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