Can Young People Wear Contact Lenses?

Can young people wear scleral contact lenses? The answer is simple, age is not a criterion. In order to ensure success with a  CL fit, there are certain conditions that need to be met, like how motivated is the patient, is the lens prescription suitable, are the apertures too small, is there an underlying condition like chronic dry eye that needs to be taken into account etc.? Once all the boxes are ticked, the chance of a successful CL  ensured whether the patient is 6 or 60.

scleral contact lenses
scleral contact lenses

There are in fact factors that make CL in young people ideal:

  • For some sports, the individual will perform better and safer with contact lenses. Think ball sports like cricket, rugby, soccer and tennis.
  • Self-esteem must not be overlooked in some people who feel very self-conscious with their specs, and by fitting them with contact lenses, you can greatly increase their confidence and happiness too.
  • Ortho-K. Young children with moderate to high degrees of myopia/near-sightedness will benefit from our overnight Ortho-K lens for myopia control. Please see the Ortho-K section for more detailed information.

Dailies (daily replacement lenses), can be considered over monthly’s for situations where hygiene or compliance might be a problem. Dailies are also ideal for part-time wear (just for sport as an example).

In my experience, I find young people a pleasure to fit CL. They generally are more adept and more compliant than many adults, and the youngest patient I’ve fitted with rigid (hard) CL was 6 years old. It is possible to fit young people; it is easy & safe too. Speak to your children, and you may feel surprised to hear what they have to say on the subject.

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