Scleral Lenses – Five FAQ


Do Scleral lenses hurt?

·         Not at all, in fact many people wear a Scleral lens in only one eye for various reasons, and there is no perceptible difference between the eye with the lens and the eye without.

·         They keep the eyes moist as a layer of tears is trapped between the lens & the eye  so as the day progresses where most contact lenses will start to feel scratchy, especially with smoke or strong air conditioning, the Sclerals will remain comfortable.  The typical wearing schedule of a Scleral lens is from awakening to bedtime.

How are Scleral Lenses fitted?

·         Notwithstanding their phenomenal success in terms of chair time, comfort & retention compared to the old hard or RGP lenses; Sclerals remain the most difficult lenses to fit.

·         For this reason, the fitting process can take a few appointments over a period of a few months, yet the patient can enjoy clear comfortable vision at the beginning of the fitting, they will not need to wait until the end for this. 

·         We may need to order up to three lenses before the fit is finalised, but the first of these three are normally close enough in terms of vision & comfort to be worn all day.

Are Scleral Lenses indicated for corneal scarring?

·         Yes, the scleral will both help to improve the visual acuity directly or indirectly as well as provide a protective tear layer over the scarred area which will minimise discomfort and dry eye symptoms.

What are the alternatives to Scleral Lenses?

·         That depends if the cornea is compromised or not.  If it is like in cases of Keratoconus, corneal injury or scarring, corneal grafts etc.; the options are the smaller hard lenses sometimes called RGP or even GP lenses.

·         For those people who have healthy corneas but choose Sclerals for lifestyle reasons, then all the options including spectacles & soft contact lenses apply.

How long do Sclerals last?

·         In most countries that use the same product that I do, the recall is one year.  I allow my patients to keep them for two years.